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As the electronics industry slides into summer, there’s some indications that lead times for electronics may be shortening. Although the industry won’t achieve normal inventory across major chip categories until the middle of 2023, the Gartner Index of Inventory Semiconductor Supply Chain Tracking predicts some normalization as early as this fall. Electronics-gadget pioneers are clearly counting on that—and putting out a host of offerings on funding platforms hoping for investments.

We took a look at these campaigns and handpicked a few that are creative and fun and still have some time left until final funding. We were looking for the electronics hardware projects that were funded many times over even though their campaign hasn’t even ended.

The list includes everything from a cool electric scooter to an electronically enhanced lunch box that will heat up or cool down your food while on the go. Several of these projects were fully funded within an hour of being published. All of them demonstrate the continued demand for electronics components. We believe it is one promising indicator that gives credence to the prediction that the global semiconductor industry will grow 10 percent in 2022 to reach $600 billion for the first time ever, according to McKinsey.

Salt Stone: Naturally Cleanse Respiratory Airways

image of electronics air purifier

Initiator: My Friend The Sea

Funding Goal: $10,000

Pledged: $50,186

Backers: 185

Location: New York

Description: “All the proven benefits of dry salt therapy in the comfort of your home. Get allergy relief, boosted immunity, and cleaner lungs in as little as 5 minutes a day. “

Smartmi A1: World’s Cleanest Robot with Wet Dry Vac

image of electronics wet-dry vacuum

Initiator: Smartmi Co. Ltd.

Funding Goal: $5,000

Pledged: $132,792

Backers: 308

Location: New York

Description: “Drop the mop and enjoy an easier way to clean all your hard floors! Smartmi A1 wet-dry robot vacuum efficiently vacuums away both dry and wet debris, while self-cleaning away the mops at the same time. Plus, Keeping dirty water separate from the clean water, so unlike traditional mopping, you never put dirty water back onto your freshly cleaned floors.”

Splach Twin: A Premium Dual Motor Budget Scooter

image of electronics scooterInitiator: Splach Bike

Funding Goal: $1,000

Pledged: $267,004

Backers: 231

Location: Los Angeles, California

Description: “Scooters scooters everywhere, but not a type to suit your needs for both off-road adventures and daily commute? Not anymore!! SPLACH-TWIN is born to satisfy your longing for outdoor leisure and day-to-day city spin. Equipped with twin motors, you’ll get twice the power and twice the fun. Thanks for 12 speed modes, TWIN can be set for getting either the max speed to give you an adrenaline rush or the optimum range for your daily commute to work. This is the most ideal and affordable all-in-one green vehicle to unleash your inner daredevil & solve your worries about the first mile/the last mile.”

NuraTrue Pro – Wireless Earbuds With Lossless Audio

image of ear budsInitiator: Nura

Funding Goal: $20,000

Pledged: $1,452,060

Backers: 6,208

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Description: “Wireless earbuds have always been required to compromise on sound quality due to limitations in wireless bandwidth, resulting in compression and artifacts that take away detail from the music you love. That’s all about to change with the NuraTrue Pro, the first wireless earbuds to support lossless audio over Bluetooth. Experience audiophile-grade sound wherever you go with uncompressed, bit-perfect fidelity that typically requires expensive, high-end electronic equipment and a wired connection to reproduce. Combined with our award-winning personalized sound, adaptive active noise cancellation, and spatial audio powered by Dirac Virtuo, the NuraTrue Pro delivers an unrivaled wireless audio experience tailored individually to you.”

SunnySide: Solar-Powered Self Heating/Cooling Lunchbox

image of luchbox electronically cooledInitiator: SunnySide

Funding Goal: $10,000

Pledged: $135,784

Backers: 1,259

Location: Texas City, Texas

Description: “Packing lunch has its perks. It’s cheap, nutritious, and knowing exactly what’s in your food is that much more appealing. Say no to fast food and unhealthy lunches — quickly prepare your meals at home and eat healthy on the go! Introducing SunnySide… A Revolutionary Smart Take on the Traditional Lunchbox. The one-of-its-kind solar-powered self heating lunch box that makes lunchtime your favorite time of the day. The built-in thermometer paired with the sensor app lets you control the temperature of the lunchbox keeping your meal fresh, healthy and satisfying all at the same time. Not only does this solar powered lunch box keep your tasty goodies fresh for 20 hours but it also heats your food in minutes whenever required using its innovative induction heating technology.”

MEAZOR 3D – Future Laser Measure

image of laser measureInitiator: HOZO Design. Co.

Funding Goal: $5,097

Pledged: $221,459

Backers: 736

Location: Rochester, NY

Description: ” The VERY FIRST laser measure that allows you to move freely in any space and auto snaps every edge of the room. Set up your measuring point with a few clicks and achieve an auto-stitching multi-room 3D floor plan within seconds!

WAINLUX Z5-Handheld Metal Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine

image of laser engraverInitiator: Wainlux Laser

Funding Goal: $10,195

Pledged: $119,697

Backers: 80

Location: Hong Kong

Description: “WAINLUX Z5 is the compact laser cutting and engraving machine designed for the whole family! It’s compact enough to take wherever life takes you – unlike traditional bulky laser machines. This handheld and all-metal laser engraving powerhouse boasts dual built-in light sources, promising pro-grade engraving that’s easy enough for anyone to use.”

WrisLax – The 1st-of-Its-Kind Wearable Wrist Massager

image of electronic wrist massagerInitiator: Uster UV Light

Funding Goal: $5,000

Pledged: $32,809

Backers: 336

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Description: “Gamers and people who work on a computer all day long know how tired and stressed the wrist can get after a few hours of activity, let alone a full day. As common as this experience is, and as widespread as stress has become, there has been no solution to this problem. WrisLax is the first wearable device of its kind, building a new level of convenience into wrist massages. Unlike other massagers, which force you to stop doing what you are doing in order to use them, WrisLax works while you are playing games or typing on your keyboard. Sore joints, carpal tunnel, finger numbness, and any other stresses: WrisLax can help you. One of the reasons WrisLax is so effective is its electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), a low-frequency pulse that uses current to stimulate muscle contraction. This, combined with a traditional vibration massage, deliver the relief that you crave – all day long!This is a highly effective innovation, sure to keep your wrist loose and relaxed, applying safe but impactful electrical muscles to your muscle in order to elicit responses from them and work out any tightness.”

2-in-1 Rechargeable Shaver + Pop Up Nose Hair Trimmer Feature

image of electronic shaver/trimmerInitiator: MIPOW USA

Funding Goal: $6,372

Pledged: $8,512

Backers: 122

Location: Shenzhen, China

Description: “DuoEX Electric Shaver is dual 4D Blade Head multi-function rechargeable Shaver and comes with a unique Pop up Nose hair Trimmer that feature for Nose and ear, makes everything just easier. One device do all the jobs, can shave beard, and trim your nose hair, ear hair, and eyebrow. Built-in Rechargeable USB-C fast charging port, charging DuoEX Shaver 30 mins can use for 30 days. The High quality Designed SuperCut Blades on the shaver glide smoothly over your skin. Our engineering team spend 180 days on mechanical design, technical break through the electronics circuit work smoothly with both shaver and pop up trimmer, also work test on the 4D Flex heads with super blades to ensure work smooth and makes smooth shave over the skin.”

Fingerbot Sense: Automate Everything with No Effort

image of fingerbotInitiator: Adaprox

Funding Goal: $10,000

Pledged: $73,950

Backers: 881

Location: Los Angeles

Description: “It’s 2022, the concept of smart products has become more and more popular in our lives. We all have experienced the convenience it brings: turn on the lights with your smartphone, schedule to turn off your A/C, etc. But there are also scenarios where a modern smart solution is expensive, troublesome, or even cannot be found. Brand new electronics-based smart products could be expensive and troublesome. These traditional devices have one thing in common: they all have buttons and switches for your fingers to control. To this end, we created Fingerbot to help you smartly control 99 percent of existing buttons and switches, and eventually give you smart control over your appliances.”

Author: Hailey Lynne McKeefry

Hailey Lynne McKeefry has spent more than 28 years writing about technology and business. She began her career as an editor at such periodicals as Macintosh News, EBN, and Windows Magazine.  After more than 16 years as a freelance journalist, she has written about a broad variety of technology topics, with a focus on supply chain, components, security, storage, healthcare, and SMBs.  Living in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Hailey has written for many top business-to-business publications and Websites including EDN, EETimes, Information Week, CRN, eWeek, Channel Insider, Channel Pro, Redmond Channel Partner, Home Office Computing, and TechTarget.  She graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a BA in literature.  Follow her on Twitter @HaileyMcK.