Toshiba TLP5222 isolated gate driver block Toshiba has introduced a smart gate drive photo-coupler with automatic recovery from some fault conditions.

Capable of driving ±2.5A into an IGBT or mosfet gate, it is called TLP5222, and is a partner to the TLP5212 announced earlier this month, which needs a signal on the primary side to initiate recovery from fault conditions.

“TLP5222 continuously monitors the mosfet drain-source voltage or IGBT collector-emitter voltage,” according to Toshiba. “If an over-current occurs, the driver’s built-in protection circuitry detects the associated rise in voltage and gently turns off the mosfet or IGBT. The driver’s automatic recovery function resumes normal operation, typically 25.5μs after protective turn-off is triggered. An isolated fault status pin indicates detection of the abnormal over-current.”

Toshiba TLP5222 isolated gate driver cct

The device also has under-voltage lock-out and an integrated active Miller clamp to suppresses dV/dt-induced turn-on that might lead to short-circuiting  the upper and lower arms of a half bridge.

Packaging is SO16L with creepage and clearance of at least 8mm. Operation is over -40 to +110°C.

Applications are foreseen in photovoltaic power generation systems and uninterruptible power supplies.

The product page is here and the company has updated its encyclopedic TLP5212, TLP5214A and TLP5214 application note to include the TLP5222.