Recom RMOD360UW 360W psu

Called RMOD360-UW, it can deliver full power continuously with inputs between 27 and 106V, as well as 240W down to 18V, and it will deliver 360W from up to 126V for 10 minutes.

Output is 24.5Vdc.

A 300W relative, RMOD300-UW, comes in three versions to offer outputs of 12.2, 13.7 or 24.5Vdc. It derates to 200W with inputs between 18 and 27V.

“Products with the same output voltage may be paralleled for increased power,” said Recom.

Both 360W and 300W types come in the same base plate cooled package whose envelope is defined by the 190 x 76mm aluminium bolt-down baseplate and a total height of 44mm.

Efficiency is around 90% and operation is from -40°C to the mid-fifties Celsius on the baseplate, with linear derating beyond that to around 20W at +70°C. Exact figures depend on model and heatsink size.

The electronics are enclosed by a waterproof and dust-proof IP67 polycarbonate housing, although the connector (a chunky Molex five-pin) drops the overall rating to IP20 – there is an alternative connector option to raise overall rating to IP67.

Pollution degree 2 (PD2) and up to 5000m altitude are the other environmental limits, and warranty is three-years.

Input-output isolation is 2,250Vdc ‘basic’ grade according to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 62368-1, and 550Vdc output-to-baseplate. “EMC standards in the IEC 61000 series are met, as required by EN 12895 – EMC for industrial trucks,” said Recom. “Parts are qualified for shock and vibration according to IEC 60068-2 and achieve an MTBF of up to 740,000 hours.”

Protections include: input reverse polarity, input under-voltage lock-out, over-temperature, output over-voltage, output over-current and  short-circuit.

Alongside the four input and output connections, the fifth pin on the connector is an on-off control input which defaults to ‘on’ when unconnected and is on the input side of the galvanic barrier.

They “provide stable network voltages [for] electric vehicles, forklift trucks, automatically guided vehicles and construction vehicles”, said Recom product manager Marco Kuhn.

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