Rohm fast recovery power diodes graphRFL series (right) is nominally low forward voltage and reduces Vf by ~3.2% and trr by ~8.3% compared with the existing RFN series.

RFS series (right), nominally high-speed, reduces Vf by ~17.9% compared with the existing RFUH series.

Right now, there are four parts, with more to follow including automotive parts.

  • RFL30TZ6S 30A

    1.5Vf, 55ns,  5μA leakage
  • RFL60TZ6S 60A

    1.5Vf 75ns,  10μA leakage
  • RFS30TZ6S 30A

    2.3Vf, 35ns,  5μA leakage
  • RFL60TZ6S 60A

    2.3V, 55ns,  10μA leakage

Rohm fast recovery power diodes noise“Furthermore, ultra-low noise diode recovery characteristics are achieved,” (left) according to the company.

All can be operated with junctions up to 170°C, and come in TO-247 (TO247GE-2L) packaging.

Rohm sees them being used as free-wheeling diodes in three phase inverters, bridge rectifiers on the secondary side of fast switching isolation transformers and as fly-back diodes in power factor correctors.

The parts are available for purchase now through Digi-Key, Mouser and Farnell.