EPC21601 laser driver

EPC21701, as it will be known, can produce pulses down to 2ns at up to 50MHz.

Its internal 40A GaN FET is has a monolithically integrated with a gate driver.

Internal logic has a 3.3V comp[atible input and needs a 5V supply.

Voltage switching time is <1ns and delay from input to output is <3.6ns.

Packaging is 1.7 x 1 x 0.68mm wafer-level chip-scale BGA.

“Integrating a GaN FET with driver on one chip generates a powerful and fast IC and reduces size and for consumer and industrial applications,” said EPC CEO and cofounder Alex Lidow. “With EPC21701 we expand the family of GaN integrated circuits to 80V and 15A, and will soon extend the family further to 100V and 125A.”

EPC9172 is the matching development board, and both this board and the IC are available form Digi-Key.

The driver is expected to be used in robotics, surveillance systems and vacuum cleaners, for applications including gesture recognition, ranging, robotic vision and industrial safety.

EPC21601 boost converter

Away from lidar, EPC is also proposing its IC as the power stage of fast boost converters 

Find the EPC21701 on this web page, and the eval board here