Lemo LM.232 multi coax connector

Called LM.232, its signal paths are 50Ω, with a VSWR of ~1.2 from 5 to 15GHz, peaking to 1.4 at 18GHz.

The contacts are designed to be terminated on LMR-100A, Multiflex 86, RG-174/U, RG-188 A/U or RG-316/U flexible cables. Attachment is via crimp for the inner and a clip for the outer.

Operation is over -55  to +200°C.

Housings have a ratchet-coupling mechanism and are threaded for MIL-DTL-38999L backshells. 360° EMC screening is claimed.

“Typical applications are wireless network 5G wireless networks, radar systems, battlefield communications or UAV anti-drone technology,” according to the company.

Information is a bit sparse on this connector at the moment, try here for more