DigiKey premieres Season 4 of City Digital video series

Each of the three videos is exploring different aspects of AI integration, from infrastructure and transportation to environmental monitoring and public services.

The series is looking at the role AI can play in shaping modern cities, with an aim to enhance efficiency, sustainability and quality of life, says DigiKey.

“The use cases of AI in smart cities are just starting to scratch the surface and will play a crucial role in creating smarter, more sustainable and livable cities,” said Josh Mickolio, technology business development manager for DigiKey.

“Our partnership with suppliers like Molex and STMicroelectronics provides engineers and designers with access to the newest technologies and components to build the devices and systems that will propel smart cities into the future.”


The first of three videos in the series, “The Intelligent Backbone,” is already released and available to view. It examines the role of AI in modernising urban infrastructure. From smart buildings equipped with AI-driven energy systems to the deployment of intelligent traffic control and the use of AI in monitoring critical infrastructure.

The second video, “On the Move,” will explore how AI could revolutionise the way people and goods move through their environments. Advancements in autonomous vehicles, smart traffic management systems and AI-powered public transit demonstrate how these technologies can make transportation safer, faster and more environmentally friendly.

Finally, the video “The Responsive City,” will explore AI’s role in improving public services and environmental monitoring. It covers AI’s potential influence on waste management, predictive maintenance of public utilities, and the ability to monitor and respond to environmental changes.

You can view the City Digital series on the DigiKey website.

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