Panasonic ZL hybrid capacitor case size D

Called the ZL series, the parts come in five case sizes from 5mm diameter (ø) x 5.8mm high (47 or 82μF), to 10ø x10.2mm (470 or 680μF).

There are two capacitance values at each case size, one rated at 25V and a smaller capacitance rated at 35V.

The company makes two other comparisons with its existing capacitors: they have up to 50% higher capacitance than the ZKU series, and up to 40% lower ESR than the ZC or ZKU series.

High ripple current is claimed.

Picking the 47μF 35V part (smallest case size), 100kHz ripple current is 900mA at +125°C or 550mA at +135°C, ESR is 60mΩ (100kHz 20°C ) and tan δ is 0.12 (20°C 120Hz).

Endurance is 4,000h at +125°C (rated ripple current, ≤ rated voltage), and also 4,000h at 135°C for the larger two case sizes, dropping to 2,000h at 135°C for the smaller three case sizes.

Except for the smallest case diameter, all of the parts come in second version with increased vibration resistance that is 0.3mm taller and “capable of withstanding shocks up to 30G”, said the company.

“Tailored for use in various automotive components including water pumps, oil pumps, cooling fans, dc-dc converters and driver-assistance systems, [the range] also proves invaluable in industrial settings such as inverter power supplies for robotics, cooling fans, and solar power systems,” it said.

Find the ZL series data sheet here