Engineering360 News Desk | July 15, 2022

Diversified Ulbrich, Canada’s premier supplier of stainless steel and aluminum products, has upgraded their processing capabilities with a new, custom-built taping machine. Applying adhesive tape to sheet metal protects the surface from damage due to abrasions or debris during laser cutting, stamping and other secondary processing. It also keeps the metal safe during storage and transport.

Manufactured by Metform, the high-speed, high-precision tape line allows equipment operators to instantaneously change tape rolls with a “speed-loading” mechanism. This mechanism is essentially a carouselSource: Diversified UlbrichSource: Diversified Ulbrich filled with various tape rolls, each ready to be launched into the machine and begin covering sheet metal. Previously, two operators had to hand feed coiled metal into the machine.

“Whether we’re covering 1 sheet, 100 sheets, or 1,000 sheets, this new taping machine makes processing simpler, faster, and more flexible for our customers,” said Noel Gamble, Diversified’s service center director. “Customers often have a specific choice of tape that works best for their alloy or equipment. Now we can better accommodate those requests while covering sheet metal much faster.”

Additionally, Diversified’s jib crane enables the metal service center to cover heavier gauge metals without risking damage to the backside of products.