Maxon ESCONs motor controller

Operation is across 10 to 60V and -30 to +25 °C (+75°C with derating).

Called ESCON2 Module (part 783722), it is a four-quadrant device that can drive and brake in both direction, controlling speed and torque, with field-oriented control (FOC) as well as acceleration and velocity feed-forward.

“FOC ensures smoother and more precise operation to increase overall performance,” said the company. Acceleration and velocity feed-forward improves response times and control accuracy. ESCON2 also features high control cycle rates, enabling rapid and accurate speed and torque adjustments to changing conditions.”

Shaft sensors can include absolute encoders, incremental encoders and Hall sensors.

The units can be stand-alone controllers with analogue or digital command signals, and can operate on a CANopen network.

USB and RS232 are supported for operation from Windows or Linux workstations.

Other interfaces include eight digital and two analogue inputs, and three digital and two analogue outputs.

Maxon ESCONs motor controller Compact

Size is 67 x 43 x 7.8mm, and the ‘Compact’ version (part 783734) is much larger (93.5 x 46 x 41mm, left) and includes connectors and reservoir capacitors.

‘Motion Studio’ is an associated graphic user interface for configuration that includes auto-tune.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Maxon has 1,300 employees there and 2,000 more elsewhere.

Find ESCON2 information here.