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ECIA Publishes Results From Workforce Focus Groups – EPS News


Winning the race for talent has never been more critical as the entire tech industry faces alarming shortages of skilled workers. To address the challenge, in May and June of 2023, two focus groups were conducted by the ECIA (Electronic Components Industry Association) and the Association’s newly established Industry Recruiting Committee. The objective of this research was to gain insights into what motivates individuals to enter the electronic components industry and to learn how to attract and retain talent. The research will be used to create strategic marketing collateral for ECIA members to use in recruitment efforts and inform members on best recruitment tactics.

The focus groups consisted of 25 participants and a committee of six ECIA members. The participants had less than five years in the electronic components industry. Some participants were brand new, and others had been in the industry for only a few years. Age was not a determining factor. While many participants were considered the “next generation,” seasoned individuals that were new to the industry were able to participate as well.

Insights include which qualities candidates find attractive about the industry, those that help retain employees and how to keep talent motivated.

“There is no better data source than hearing directly from newly recruited industry professionals,” noted Victor Meijers, ECIA’s Senior Vice President. “The objective of this research was to gain insights into what motivates individuals to enter the electronic components industry. The Committee did a great job collecting data for our members to use in future recruitment efforts.”

The ECIA committee members working on this project were Jordan Yates of Knowles, Renée Dill from Molex, Jeannine Zenobi of ebm-papst, Sannah Vinding of Micro Commercial Components, Maddie Eaves of Sager Electronics and Tyler Lagnese of Kyocera AVX.

Members can view the detailed report by logging into the ECIA website. 

Members will also hear more about this project and learn from focus group panelists during the Recruiting Talent to the Electronic Components Industry session at the ECIA Executive Conference

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