GlobalSpec News Desk | April 24, 2024

In the rapidly evolving electronics industry, where innovation drives progress, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions is committed to setting a new standard. In accord with this goal, the company has introduced ALPHA Innolot MXE, a revolutionary alloy meticulously engineered to address the critical needs of enhanced reliability and performance in modern electronic assemblies.

Advancing performance with Innolot MXE

Innolot MXE represents a significant breakthrough in reliability, offering enhanced thermomechanical performance to meet the increasing rigorous demands of electronic assemblies. Surpassing traditionalSource: MacDermid Alpha Electronics SolutionsSource: MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions options like SAC305 and other high-reliability alternatives, Innolot MXE delivers exceptional thermal cycling, vibration and drop shock performance. In addition, it achieves high creep-fatigue resistance through a refined microstructure, making it ideal for the most demanding ruggedized applications. With its unparalleled combination of features, Innolot MXE is ready to usher in the next generation of excellence in electronic assembly.

Driven by industry demands

The development of Innolot MXE was inspired by the complex challenges present in sectors spanning automotive, aerospace, high-end computing and industrial applications, where reliability is critical. Environments with severe stress on solder joints underscore the need for Innolot MXE, as traditional alloy options are limited in performance and durability. This innovative solution offers a higher margin of performance to enhance in-use life and advance board level reliability.

  • Innolot MXE addresses new challenges in safety-critical systems, miniaturization and harsh operating environments, setting a new standard for performance.
  • Enhanced creep fatigue toughness inhibits crack propagation and improves thermal cycling performance as compared to SAC305 and other high-reliability alloys.

Innolot MXE is available in ALPHA CVP-390V solder paste

To complement its exceptional thermomechanical performance, Innolot MXE is now available in combination with ALPHA CVP-390V solder flux. This offering presents an unparalleled blend of high-performance alloy and solder paste chemistry, ensuring unmatched electrochemical reliability even in the most demanding scenarios.

  • ALPHA CVP-390V solder flux provides superior surface insulation resistance (SIR) performance, ensuring reliability in complex assemblies and optimal process capability index (CpK) transfer efficiency, across varying print volumes and area ratios.

Experience ALPHA Innolot MXE, where reliability and performance come together to drive the future of innovation.



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