The NL8802 integrates two high-performance Nisshinbo Micro Devices Tokyo HQ2 was Ricoh and New Japan Radioop amps in a single package, offering increased flexibility and efficiency for circuit design.

The device supports a broad operating voltage range of ±22 V, enhancing its compatibility with various power supply configurations and enabling integration into Hi-Fi and professional audio equipment.

It offers a wide dynamic range thanks to having audio characteristics of low noise and distortion, wide bandwidth, and high slew rate.

Specifications NL8802:

Wide Operating Voltage Range: ±3.0 V to ±22 V

Low Noise: 5.5 nV/√Hz at f=1 kHz

Low Distortion: 0.00005% at f=1 kHz

Wide Gain Bandwidth Product: 45 MHz

High Slew Rate: 11 V/μs

Quiescent Current: 8.0 mA (Dual)

Bipolar Input

Bipolar Technology

Package NL8802AN: EMP-8-AN (5.0 x 6.0 x 1.65 mm)

Package NL8802GQ: DFN3030-8-GQ (Under development)

Datasheet: NL8802