Exiger, a SaaS supply chain risk management, third-party risk management and compliance company, announced Aug. 30 that it has acquired Supply Dynamics, a supply chain collaboration platform for tracking, tracing and choreographing the purchase and supply of subcontracted products, parts, raw materials and ingredients.

In a press release, Exiger said the integration of Supply Dynamics’ SDX, PAC and ExplorerRX products with Exiger’s Insight3PM, DDIQ and Supply Chain Explorer will enable end-to-end supply chain visibility and holistic risk management via a single, secure, cloud-based enterprise platform. The New York City-based company added that acquisition “positions Exiger at the forefront of the SaaS Supply Chain Management market,” which it noted is expected to grow to $19.8 billion by 2025.

Serving heavily regulated, global manufacturing companies with complex direct material supply chains that depend heavily on outsourcing, Loveland, Ohio-based Supply Dynamics specializes in real-time visibility with part and raw material-level granularity. Exiger said the combinations of these capabilities enable it to ensure operational resilience, reduce disruption and minimize adversarial and criminal exploitation of supply chains across markets and around the globe. 

“Supply Dynamics’ integration into Exiger allows it to realize the full potential of its technology with the benefit of Exiger’s deep risk management expertise and high security infrastructure,” the press release stated. “Customers will be able to access a secure, scalable and intuitive platform that cuts through the billions of data points in a supply chain to deliver accurate risk insights with precision.”

“The impact of supply chain risk and disruption is ubiquitous across private industries, the U.S. Federal Government, and global public sector organizations,” Exiger CEO Brandon Daniels said. “Exiger’s acquisition of Supply Dynamics and its SDX product is an investment into the kind of future-proof solutions that the rapidly growing supply chain management market will continue to demand. The integration of SDX into Exiger’s industry-leading SCRM platform will now allow customers to have a true competitive advantage, by not only pulling the full digital thread across their global supply chain, but by also analyzing that entire risk impact in one fell swoop. This will enable macroeconomic, microeconomic, reputational, and geopolitical risk assessment with ease, simplicity, and confidence like never before possible.”

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