The FingerTip FTG2-SLP touchscreen controller from ST enables advanced features to support AMOLEDs.

The device supports both synchronous and asynchronous display operations. This gives the OEMs the ability to maintain seamless user interactions as the refresh rate changes dynamically.

The controller is also suitable for smartphones with flexible AMOLED displays that integrate the touch-sensitive panel directly on the OLED emitter layer for an extremely thin profile.

Based on an Arm CortexM4 core and integrating large flash memory, the controller provides flexibility to implement advanced touch features.

Hardware and firmware developed by ST and a special hibernation mode ensure low power consumption. The chip’s analogue front end leverages a differential architecture and multiple scanning methods.

The internal design also ensures a low intrinsic noise, delivering a high signal-to-noise ratio. The report rate of 480Hz captures every touch event even when operating at the display’s highest refresh speed.

The FingerTip FTG2-SLP touchscreen controller is in production now. For further information  visit