Zhaga-Tridonic-Book-24-NFC-product Led lighting certification body Zhaga has announced the first products that have met its ‘Book 24’ definition of luminaires that can be programmed over NFC (near-field communications).

Zhaga Book 24 NFC logo

“Tridonic is the first company that has earned Zhaga-NFC certification for a number of their LED drivers [right],” according to Zhaga, and they can now carry the Zhaga-NFC certification logo.

Zhaga Book 24Book 24 application

“Interoperability between NFC readers and NFC-programmable lighting components is required for NFC to be adopted for on-site programming. We therefore eradicate the interoperability problems between Bluetooth NFC maintenance interfaces and LED drivers,” said Tridonic outdoor lighting manager Markus Wagenseil.

Zhaga is an association of led lighting companies from around the world that is standardising interfaces of light engines, led modules, led arrays, electronic control gear, holders, connectors, sensors and wireless communication modules.

Zhaga Book 25Its standards are all published as ‘Books’, with Book 24 describing the programming of luminaire components using NFC and Book 25 (published February 2022) defining a Bluetooth Low Energy protocol for communication between a field-maintenance application on a smart device and an NFC reader (left).