AMD Artix XA automotive fpgas

XA AU10P and XA AU15P are automotive-qualified, certified for functional safety up to ASIL-B, intended to be used in driver assistance systems, and come with the the company’s Artix UltraScale+ branding.

The ‘XA’ part is important, as the non-ASIL-B plain AU10P and AU15P were announced in 2021.

– At least, this is the only distinction Electronics Weekly can pin down so far, as public information sources for the new parts are few. Questions have been sent to AMD – so watch this space.

AU10P type devices have 96k system logic cells, 400 DSP slices, 4.5Mbit total ram, 12 multi-Gbit/s transceivers and 228 IOs.

AU15P type devices have the same number of transceivers and IOs, but 170k system logic cells, 576 DSP slices, 7.6Mbit total ram.

The company has a TUV SUD certified design flow for automotive functional safety certifications based around ISO26262.