EmpowerRF 1222 GaNonSiC pulse amplifier

Measuring ~178 x 102 x 25mm, it can deliver pulses up to 500μs long and duty cycles up to 20%. The devices can typically hit 250W with -6dBm at the input (200W is the minimum all can achieve) when supplied with 48Vdc (42 to 50Vdc). Nominal gain is 60dB with ±3dB flatness.

RF input and output are 50Ω female SMA.

“This compact module utilises the latest high-power RF GaN-on-SiC transistors, and also features built-in control and monitoring, with protection to help ensure high availability,” according to Richardson RFPD, which is stocking the part.

A heatsink is required, but not supplied – permissible case temperature is -40 to +85°C. Temperature is reported on an analogue interface, an analogue input sets internal attenuation (15dB range), and an on-off input enables the amplifiers output (250ns disable-enable).

RS-485 digital control (via D-Sub male 17pin) is also possible, enabled by leaving both the enable and attenuation inputs open-circuit or grounded.

Protections include: over-temperature, over-voltage, reverse-polarity and over-current.