Powertip PH800480T030-ZHR06 display

“The touch display is particularly suitable to outdoor environments where a bright, rugged screen is required, or where the user will be wearing gloves, such as hospital and factory settings,” according to Inelco. Potential uses are not limited to industry, environment, energy, electric vehicles, medical and scientific applications.”

Made by Powertip, PH800480T030-ZHR06 is an 800 x RGB x 480 and “display is a transmissive type touch screen, normally black, featuring a brightness of 850cd/m2 in operation”, said Inelco.

Display area is ~108 x 65mm.

The touch IC is an Hycon HY4635, of which Hycon said that it “enables users to keep even the thickest ski gloves on while using their touchscreen. It can even sense your fingers while wearing thick gloves with water on the screen”.

It requires parallel RGB data (and SPI for configuration) and works over -20 to +70°C. I2C interfacing is also mentioned on the Powertip data sheet – the interface IC is a Sitronix ST7262.

Claimed lifetime is up to 50,000 hours at 25°C.

Further information is a bit thin on the ground for this display. Inelco Hunter page link for this display does not have much, while there is a little more on Powertip’s data sheet here plus Hycon touch chip data here.

Image is from Powertip’s website