Founded in 2016, Integrated Graphene has developed a  commercially viable graphene manufacturing process that is currently scaled to high volumes. It is claimed that this process eliminates the scale-up challenges associated with CVD graphene and graphene powder.

As well as direct manufacturing, the company is designing manufacturing processes for companies to effectively bolt-on to existing lines, and it also has a team dedicated to supporting organisations to adapt graphene technologies for their products.

The company’s investment plan will focus on scaling-up the manufacturing of its market-ready graphene enhanced electrodes and super capacitors which are currently being used in human diagnostics point of care testing and smart label asset tracking applications.

These printable electronic products include the Gii-Sens which offers a better and more-effective sensor material for the human diagnostics market and Gii-Cap which targets 10% of $500 billion battery market, with the potential to remove 60 million batteries from being thrown away every year.

As part of its growth plans, the company intends to double its existing footprint in Stirling and treble its headcount to 100 over the next three years, hiring a significant number of market leading development and commercial experts in the UK, Europe and North America.

The company will also increase capital expenditure in its next generation pilot line to allow rapid market expansion of Gii- Sens and Gii-Cap.

For Gii-Sens, that includes wearables, animal diagnostics, companion diagnostics, environmental diagnostics. With Gii-Cap, expansion markets include Drones, e-mobility, space, satellites, and wearables.