“By leveraging the scalability of cloud-based design environments, the IFS Cloud Alliance will enable broader access to Intel’s process and packaging technologies,” says IFS president Randhir Thakur.

Enabling design in the cloud claims to provide greater access to advanced manufacturing technologies, because cloud-based design combines EDA tool scalability with the parallelism offered by the cloud to support  design workloads that can benefit customers from startups to companies owning compute farms.

New advances in EDA tools and cloud technologies can deliver security and IP confidentiality, while simultaneously shortening design cycles and accelerating time-to-market for designers.

This is intended to provide customers with a secure and scalable path to adopt their preferred EDA tools and flows in the cloud environment, through partnerships with leading EDA providers.

The result, says Intel, will be on-demand hardware on a foundry platform, allowing designers to tackle larger workloads with better resource management, time-to-market and result quality.