Diana Aoun | June 28, 2022

KNF recently revealed its all-new N 952 series vacuum pumps for the transfer or compression of gases and vacuum generation without media contamination. The N 952 diaphragm gas pump achieves a deep ultimate vacuum while maintaining a consistently high flow rate, making it ideally suited for analytical instrument applications, where vacuums must be both deep and particularly quick to obtain. Boasting a maximum flow rate of 36 l/min (9.5 US gpm), and a maximum ultimate vacuum of 1.5 mbar abs (0.522 psi), the oil-free pump excels when it comes to pump-down time.

KNF has developed a new generation of brushless motors, specifically for the N 952 vacuum pump, which features excellent vibration and noise behavior. This innovative drive solution enables high performance of the roughing pump even when rotational speed is low, which is a critical factor when attempting to minimize noise and vibration.

Source: KNFSource: KNF

Like all KNF motors of the digital customization series, the new N 952 can be controlled digitally or analogously. Thanks to this advanced digital technology, the pump can be quickly adapted to the customer systems by parametrizing the firmware of the motor at KNF. Digital parametrization facilitates the exact mapping of specific start-up characteristics, a dynamic operating profile and safety patterns that meet the requirements of the process.

Additional highlights of the N 952 include excellent reliability, low-to-no maintenance requirements and dry-running. All pump types offer oil-free operation. The N 952 is suitable for use as a roughing pump for turbomolecular pumps and for instrumental analysis, particularly in the field of spectroscopy.