Kudelski secure enclave intellectual propertyKudelski IoT has announced a secure enclave intellectual property portfolio for integration into system ICs.

When integrated, it is capable of “enabling compliance with most common industry security standards including NIST, FIPS, PSA and SESIP Level 3”, according to the company.

Resulting hardware will be able to protect and manage keys, according to the company, providing SoC master secret key, key import, key generation, ECDH key agreement and key derivations.

For lifecycle management there is secure SoC configuration, internal one-time programmable memory management and secure provisioning, as well as remote management.

Algorithms that can be executed include: AES (flexible implemtation to trade security vs performance) SHA2, SHA3 (224, 256, 384, 512)

HMAC-SHA2, NIST 800-90a/b/c TRNG, Elliptic curves NIST, BrainPool, Curve25519 – ECDH, ECDSA. Up to 576 bits.

RSA up-to 4K and “sponge for a lightweight, fast, and state of the art secure equivalent to AES”, said the company. “Specific security functions or cryptographic algorithms can be easily integrated on-demand.”

IP interfaces include: AMBA3 AHB-Light Slave and AMBA APB Master, interrupt, direct sram, direct rom.