There are five sizes available, the CCM4, CCM5, CCM6, CCM20 and the CCM25, which has a maximum transferable power of around 200W, depending on the transformer operating conditions. (Exxelia is developing a 350W model, the CCM30 which is yet to be released.)

Pin options range from 2 x 6 to 2 x 10. All CCM components are supplied in a surface mount package, suitable for pick-and-place machines. Through hole packages are available on request.

They are qualified for aeronautic and space applications, having been tested in accordance with MIL-STD-202 (methods 213 and 204) for mechanical performance.

CCM transformers and inductors can operate from -55°C to  140°C for the standard thermal grade. The design results in 30% lower thermal resistance than standard industrial components, says New Yorker. The components’ epoxy molding protects the winding and ensures a lower temperature gradient and a better heat dissipation, with a dielectric withstanding strength of 1,500Vac. Component materials meet UL 94-V0 rating.

Thermal resistance data is available for each package size and Exxelia can also manufacture products in CCM technology according to MIL-STD-981.

The components are suitable for aeronautics and space applications but also common mode and PFC chokes, gate drive transformers, surface mount filtering chokes, as well as current, flyback, forward and push-pull transformers.