Wholesale distribution, in many ways, is an industry based on conversations. Anyone involved in distribution has heard that this is a relationship industry, but it’s the quality of the conversations within those relationships that drives business forward.

Conversations are one of the key value-adds that MDM provides throughout the year. While our readers can always find written commentary that we include in articles, blogs, whitepapers, news briefs and more, our podcasts offer in-depth conversations with distribution executives, industry consultants and other prominent voices relevant to the B2B distribution channel. These conversations are always enjoyable for us to have and serve our readers by offering discussions on company strategies, industry trends and challenges, market outlook and often address the ‘what’s keeping you up at night?’ element across distribution.

Last week we shared MDM’s 2023 Top QuickTakes, which are 10-15-minute podcasts that featured conversations between MDM CEO Tom Gale and guests Mike Marks of Indian River Consulting Group and James Dorn of The Dorn Group this past year. Here, we’re sharing our Top Feature MDM Podcasts, which are longer conversations — typically 25-45 minutes — that often have a central theme, but cover a lot of ground and share great perspectives from different points of the industry.

We published 32 such MDM Podcasts in 2023, and we are lining up guests for 2024. If you’d like to be a guest or know someone who would be a good one, please let me know at mike@mdm.com

Below, find our 10 most popular MDM Podcasts published this year, based on a combination of listens to their audio and views of their promo blog. Of course, those podcasts published earlier in the year had more time to garner listens and views than those published near the end of the year.

Jeff Crane on ERIKS NA’s Year of Change and Path Forward – published April 11.

CEO Jeff Crane joins to discuss a year of change for ERIKS NA, which was divested from ERIKS NV in early 2022. We discuss ERIKS’ new-look leadership team, a recent acquisition and how the company looks to grow.

The Master Group Wants to be North America’s Top HVACR Distributor – published April 4.

We chat with The Master Group President Neil McDougall about the Quebec-based distributor’s rapid recent growth and expansion roadmap.

Patrick McCurdy III on Kimball Midwest’s Constant Improvement – published May 24.

Kimball Midwest President Patrick McCurdy III stops by to discuss the MRO supplies distributor’s recent training and development efforts, digital initiatives and business performance.

MSC Leaders Say Acquisitions Aren’t Just Business, They’re Personal – published Jan. 31.

As a primer to MDM’s February 2023 Virtual M&A Summit, we speak with MSC Industrial Supply leaders Erik Gershwind and Jim Drohan about the company’s recently aggressive M&A strategy.

Marketing Missteps that Cause Channel Conflict – published May 17.

I ask Consight Marketing’s Alan Hale about what grinds his gears in distribution marketing, and it’s a lot. They cover points of channel conflict and how they can be avoided.

BradyIFS + Envoy Solutions See Many Ways to Win – published Dec. 6.

Ken Sweder, CEO of the now-combined JanSan, foodservice and packaging supplies distributor, stops by to discuss the strategy behind the merger, the path ahead and the outlook for the company’s product markets.

Endries’ Michael Knight on His Learning Curve, Coaching & AI – published Oct. 4

Endries International CEO Michael Knight discusses his first year leading the fast-growing OEM fasteners distributor, his thoughts on AI ethics and the power of coaching your staff.

How One Distributor’s “Swagger” Powers its Talent Pipeline – published Feb. 21

I chat with Packer Fastener Co-Founder and CEO Terry Albrecht about how the distributor’s culture and youth-driven energy have worked wonders for talent recruitment and retention.

A Category Management Deep Dive with Steve Gettleman – published Aug. 2.

We discuss the ins and outs of distributor category management with former MSC Industrial Supply veteran Steve Gettleman, who had advice for how distributors of all kinds can leverage a formal program.

Scott Schuenke on Sonepar’s Growth & Strategic Development – published June 21.

Scott Schuenke discusses Sonepar North America’s growth, evolution and innovation during his 16 years with the company, which culminated with his retirement in June as VP of Strategic Development.

You can find our entire library of MDM Podcasts and QuickTakes here.

Here are our Top Podcasts of 2022, which also included our Top QuickTakes.

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