They are certified to IEC/EN/ES60601 2xMOPP (means of patient protection), and are therefore useful for BF (body floating) medical equipment, such as syringe pumps, oxygenators, microscopes and ventilation systems.

Both series has a universal ac input (90 – 264Vac) and accept 127 – 373Vdc inputs, with outputs ranging from 3V3 – 48V.

They also have double or reinforced insulation and are certified to IEC/EN61558 (EMI performance).

Other safety standards met by the two ac-dc converter series are IEC/EN/UL62368, GB4943, IEC/EN60335 and UL/EN62368-1. In addition to medical equipment, they are suitable for industrial applications, LED lighting designs, street lighting control, electrical, security, telecommunications equipment and smart home devices.

Operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C.

The power supplies, deliver up to 91% efficiency and are available in industry standard footprints of 3.0 x 2.0 inches (75 x 50mm) and as open frame or perforated cage models.

They are also covered by the manufacturer’s five-year warranty and are compatible with devices from other manufacturers, advised Relec.