Rohm mosfet copper clip construction

There are two series with 13 devices all-told: nine in 5x6x1mm HSOP8 (below left) packaging called RS6xxxx, and four in 3x3x0.8mm HSMT8 packaging called RH6xxxx, with current ratings between 25A (150V 3x3mm RH6R025BH) and 120A (5x6mm 40V RS6G120BG and 60V RS6L120BG).

3x3mm HSMT8 mosfet package Rohm

The company is claiming a good balance of on-resistance and input capacitance and, to help with this, there is a choice or two current ratings at each voltage in the larger package, plus an extra voltage rating in the large package too: 80V 120A.

Picking the above three example, the R and Q values are:

  • 25A 150V RH6R025BH: 73mΩ 11nC (6Vg)
  • 120A 40V RS6G120BG: 3.43mΩ 34nC (4.5Vg)
  • 120A 60V RS6L120BG: 4.2mΩ 25nC (4.5Vg)

10V gate operation is also possible for all device.

Power supply applications in basestations and servers is also foreseen.

As an example, find the 5x6mm 40V 120A RS6G120BG on this web page