Engineering360 News Desk | June 29, 2022

Chesterton, a provider of solutions that enhance industrial reliability, has created a new grease specifically suited to electric motor bearings subjected to extreme load, water, heat, speed and corrosive conditions.

638 EMG is made with Chesterton’s QBT (Quiet Bearing Technology) for extending the electric motor’s bearingSource: A.W. Chesterton CompanySource: A.W. Chesterton Company life. 638 EMG contains performance additives that improve load-bearing, water washout, corrosion, thermal and shear performance of the product without damaging the electric motor windings. 638 EMG has been shown to be compatible with most original equipment manufacturer-specified shear stable polyurea or lithium complex thickened electric motor greases.

Different bearing diameters, speeds and operating temperatures require different base oil viscosities to maintain proper lubrication film. For correct selection of grease for electric motor bearings, 638 EMG comes in two base oil viscosities of 100 centistokes and 46 centistokes to provide excellent lubrication and protection.

638 EMG comes in 400 gm cartridges, 18 kg pails and Chesterton’s automatic dispensers — Lubri-Cup. The product can be used for electric motors that drive pumps, fans, compressors, blowers, conveyors and agitators etc.