Marie Donlon | July 17, 2022

Alfa Chemistry, a surface coating technology firm, has developed and launched a portfolio of hydrophobic polymers that promises to pave the way for researchers and industrial manufacturers to make material breakthroughs.

Hydrophobic polymers, which are insoluble in water, are generally used in the making of coatings, adhesives, fibers, films and engineered plastics.

The wide ranging portfolio of new hydrophobic polymers reportedly encompasses:

· acrylic hydrophobic polymers

· amic acid solution

· carbonated polymers

· ether polymers

· fluorocarbon polymers

· nylon polymers

· poly(n-vinylpyrrolidone) polymers

· poly(tetrahydrofuran) polymers

· poly(vinyl chloride) polymers

· polyacetate polymers

· polybenzoic acid polymers

· polybutadiene polymers

· polyethylene polymers

· polypentadiene polymers

· polypropylene polymers

· polystyrene polymers

· polyvinyl pyridine polymers

“The field of surface chemistry has undergone an explosive development ever since its debut. With advances made within the past ten years, the research community gained a better understanding of the potential for surface chemistry in areas including heterogeneous catalysis, semiconductors, medicine, anticorrosion, lubrication, and nanotechnology,” explained a senior scientist from Alfa Chemistry.

Some of the new hydrophobic polymers in the portfolio include:

· poly(ethylene-co-ethyl acrylate) (CAS 9010-86-0)

· poly(propylene carbonate) (CAS 25511-85-7)

· poly(ethyl acrylate) solution (CAS 9003-32-1)

· polypropylene-graft-maleic anhydride (CAS 25722-45-6)

· polyacrylonitrile (CAS 25014-41-9)

· poly(acrylonitrile-co-butadiene) (CAS 9003-18-3)

· propylene glycol propyl ether, 99% (CAS 1569-01-3)

· poly(ethyl vinyl ether) (CAS 25104-37-4)

· nylon 11 (CAS 25035-04-5)

· poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (CAS 9002-84-0)

· polytetrafluoroethylene preparation (CAS 9002-84-0)

· poly(vinyl chloride) carboxylated (CAS 25702-80-1)

· poly(4-bromostyrene) (CAS 24936-50-3)

· propylene glycol diacetate (CAS 623-84-7)

In addition to its new portfolio of hydrophobic polymers, Alfa Chemistry also offers a range of surface coating polymers including hydrophilic polymers, biomedical polymers and polymerization tools.