QuiX Quantum, the Dutch quantum processor specialist, has raised a €5.5 million Seed Round investment from PhotonDelta, FORWARD.one and Oost NL.

The funding is the first major investment by PhotonDelta since it secured €1.1 billion in investment to expand the Dutch photonics ecosystem.

QuiX’s processors are widely used in photonic quantum processing due to their 12 and 20-qumode power.

 “This round will enable us to start production of a 50 qumode processor,” says CEO Dr. Stefan Hengesbach.

QuiX expects to launch a full system photonic quantum computer based on its 20 qumode processor in early 2023 and launch a new generation 50 qumode processor in 2023.

Increasing the number of Qumodes from 20 to 50 takes the quantum machine from the equivalent of a laptop to a supercomputer.

 Qumodes are the optical equivalent of qubits. The quality of the processor is determined by the amount of light that is lost passing through the processor; the less the better.

QuiX Quantum has  a processor that simultaneously has  low optical losses and a large number of qumodes.