EPC7018G EPC7007B space GaN EPC Space has announced 100V and 200V rad-hard GaN power transistors for space use “with ultra-low on-resistance and extremely low gate charge for high power density solutions”, according to the company.

Judge for yourself, these are the typical values:

  • EPC7007B (200V 18A): 28mΩ 5.4nC
  • EPC7018G (100V 90A): 6mΩ 11.7nC

“These additions to our rad-hard product line enable a generation of power conversion and motor drives in space operating at higher efficiencies and greater power densities than what is achievable with traditional silicon-based rad-hard solutions,” said EPC Space CEO Bel Lazar.

Part VDS RDS(on) single

package Total

Single event


of breakdown)
EPC7018G 100V 6 mΩ 345 A 8.0 x 5.6 1,000krad 85MeV/mg/cm2
EPC7007B 200V 28 mΩ 80 A 5.7 x 3.9 1,000krad 85MeV/mg/cm2

Applications are foreseen in dc-dc power supplies, robot motor drives, instrumentation, reaction wheels and ion thrusters in satellites and deep space vehicles.

Don’t expect change out of $300 when buying space grade versions. Engimeering samples cost less.