The inverters are designed for harsh environments and outdoor use. Suitable for railway applications, it is It is certified to EN50163:2006 (supply voltages of traction systems), EN50124-2:2017 (insulation co-ordination over-voltages and related protection) with protection against transient over-voltages, and EN61287-1 (power converters installed on board rolling stock). It also meets EN50155 and EN62368-1 covering electronic equipment on rolling stock and safety standards for IT and AV equipment, respectively and EN45545-2 for fire and smoke.

The OPS-260 inverter series provides up to 260VA of usable output power at either 120Vac or 230Vac, for 50 or 60Hz operation. There is a choice of six DC input voltages : 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V or 110Vdc.

Constructed with two cascaded converters, one dc-dc generates an intermediate output voltage from the input voltage. This is inverted to supply the output voltage and frequency via a second dc-ac converter.  The input is protected against reverse polarity by means of fuse and surge protector and will shut down internally when under voltage conditions are incurred to protect any connected batteries from deep discharge.

The output is protected against maximum average power and maximum peak current. The inverter will shut down when the operational power curve limit is exceeded for more than one second and will try to restart every two seconds after shutdown, up to a maximum of three times. If the overload persists, the unit will remain shut down until the overload is removed and the input is reset.

Standard features include remote inhibit, output failure alarm and 3000Vac rms input to output isolation. An integrated heatsink allows the inverter to operate at full output power with no derating at ambient temperatures up to 55 degrees C.  Electrical interfaces use fully sealed Molex 150 series connectors.

The compact inverters measure 248mm x 135mm x 67mm and have an internal flange plate for chassis / cold wall mounting.  It is supplied with a standard three-year, or optional five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Target applications are power supplies for information systems, communications and safety-critical equipment in electrical systems within trains. They can be used to power on-board monitoring sensors, climate control systems as well as lighting and door opening systems.