Engineering360 News Desk | June 30, 2022

The steel industry is known for having some of the toughest environmental conditions including the high temperatures of continuous casting applications, very heavy loads and irregular operating modes of hot roller systems. NORD’s gear units, motors and control products ensure continuous performance and are engineered to handle the toughest loads and environmental hazards.

A wide range of standard component options are available, allowing these drive systems to be configured to fit specific application needs and installation spaces. Many of NORD’s gear units for the steel industry include a robust mechanical housing for shock absorption, heavy-duty bearings and shafts, double Viton shaft seals, synthetic lubricants for higher heat tolerance and heavy-duty surface protection options. Motor options include high acceleration rates, reverse operation, unventilated designs, heavy-duty encoders and brakes, Class ISO H insulation to handle higher temperatures, and can be designed to provide sufficient torque to withstand heavy shocks from reversing operation and material jams.

UNICASE helical inline gear units provide a flexible, reliable solution with a wide power range of 0.16 HP to 215 HP. Their resilient one-piece housing ensures a long lifespan, requires very minimal maintenance, and the compact design can fit in tight installation spaces. These units also deliver high axial and radial load capacities, enabling safe operation in heavy-duty applications such as furnaces, roller tables and logistics applications.

CLINCHER parallel shaft gear units provide ultimate efficiency while offering an economic option for a wide range of applications. They are frequently used in applications such as shearing lines because they ensure the highest cycle and acceleration rates as well as high shock loads. CLINCHERs supply up to 268 HP, produce up to 885,075 lb-in of torque, and their robust housing enables them to perform for years without maintenance, even under extremely harsh conditions. With 15 case sizes and flexible mounting options, these gear units are highly adaptable to fit precise application needs.

Continuous casting applications often involve extremely high temperatures and confined installation space. UNICASE helical bevel right-angle gear units are most often used for these applications due to their compact design and mounting versatility. These units can be configured with various bearing options, ensuring high axial and radial load capabilities, as well as shock absorption. Class ISO H insulation is also recommended to provide further protection against harsh environmental factors.

Source: NORD DrivesystemsSource: NORD Drivesystems

Built to handle the toughest loads, MAXXDRIVE industrial gear units offer extremely high output torques of up to 2,495,900 lb-in. Their large roller bearings and center distances increase the load capacity and service life of internal components while an advanced cooling system effectively manages heat dissipation and extends the life of lubricants. Special input and output shafts are available to fit specific application needs and provide operation in either direction.

Many applications in the steel industry equip various drives into one system solution. Variable frequency drives such as the NORDAC FLEX and NORDAC PRO SK 500P deliver scalable functionality to effectively manage individual units as well as optimize synchronization across multiple drives. The NORDAC FLEX is NORD’s most flexible VFD and features easy parameter transfer, a compact design capable of motor or wall mounting, and optional integrated functional safety options such as STO, SS1 and PROFIsafe. The NORDAC PRO SK 500P series includes 5 frame sizes with multiple interface options for easy connectivity, integrated PLC functionality, and POSICON integrated positioning for intelligent control. Their small footprint saves space in installation cabinets where space is often limited.