Emily Councilor | July 26, 2022

Rockwool, a leading provider in sustainable insulation products in the U.K., has created a thermal composite for industrial construction improvement that takes construction back to the basics.

The patented production process enables for a comparatively thinner fiber structure that can deliver thermal conductivity as low as 0.032 W/mK. Because of this, the construction materials can measure far thinner than previously used, and thus offer critical amounts of building or structural space being that there is less material.

Thermally, NyRock outperforms other insulation products and offers heat protection of up to 1,000° C and achieves Euroclass A1, the highest rating possible. The material, being of naturally non-combustible volcanic rock, also offers noise reduction capabilities in the event of shock disruptions, and can even be recycled indefinitely.

The UK has a goal of net-zero carbon by 2050, which is leading industrial suppliers like Rockwool to think outside the box for solutions to meet strict environmental standards while continuously innovating. Mineral materials that mimic or build from naturally occurring structures offer a means to move away from artificial, expensive and environmentally damaging materials that can’t be recycled and require higher maintenance overhead.

“To limit the impact of climate change and support the delivery of net-zero carbon in the UK by 2050, it’s the responsibility of manufacturers like ourselves to go further, reinventing and improving on existing solutions,” said Paul Barrett, head of product management at Rockwool UK. “NyRock technology does just that. While stone wool insulation is already known for its proven benefits such as longevity, ease of installation, circularity and non-combustibility that is crucial for protecting people and properties, our patented technology builds on these advantages further.”

NyRock technology by Rockwool Limited will be rolled out across a range of Rockwool insulation solutions during 2022.