ROHM is expanding the lineup which includes the BD9E203FP4-Z, a 2A buck converter with switching frequency of 350kHz.

In recent years, increasing application functionality in consumer devices and industrial equipment is driving the demand to minimize board space, resulting in a rise in the adoption rate of compact DC-DC converter ICs.

Furthermore, as reducing standby power consumption is becoming a significant challenge, there is a growing need for DC-DC converter ICs to deliver higher efficiency during light load (low power) conditions.

To meet these demands, ROHM developed products that achieve higher efficiency in a smaller package than existing SOP-J8 (JEDEC standard: SOIC8 equivalent) products.

The new converter ICs deliver an output current of 1A to 3A in the compact TSOT23 package (2.8mm × 2.9mm). This reduces component area by up to 72% compared to the general SOP-J8 package (4.9mm × 6.0mm), contributing to the miniaturisation of power supply blocks.

On top, adopting a flip chip on lead frame TSOT23 package design enables high-efficiency operation by eliminating bond wire resistance. The BD9E105FP4-Z, BD9E202FP4-Z, and BD9E304FP4-LBZ also utilize a COT control mode during light load operation.

As a result, efficiency during light load operation is improved over standard products, making them ideal for applications requiring low standby power consumption.