Slingshot Aerospace opens UK front for space tracking services

Slingshot’s first offices outside its base in the USA, will be in Cornwall and London. It has existing locations in California (El Segundo) and Colorado (and Fort Collins and Colorado Springs).

Melissa Quinn will step into a new role as GM of Slingshot’s international business unit, driving international expansion efforts and bringing industry-leading space data and insights to new partners across the globe

The UK locations are designed to “position the company to engage with key stakeholders in the UK space sector and across international markets including the European Union,” said the company.

“The UK offers a thriving ecosystem for space technology innovation, and we are excited to collaborate with local organisations to share Slingshot’s capabilities,” said Melissa Quinn, General Manager, Slingshot Aerospace Ltd.

“Establishing a base in the UK not only strengthens our global presence but also plays a pivotal role in advancing space sustainability and enhancing national security. We will leverage our expertise to work closely with UK and international partners, harnessing the power of space for good and fostering collaboration and innovation on a global scale.”

The company is initially looking to recruit software engineers and data analysts, it says, to build out the data, analytics, and services supporting Slingshot’s international business unit.

Slingshot Aerospace

Slingshot Global Sensor Network, Varda SensorLaunched in 2017, Slingshot provides satellite tracking, space traffic coordination, and space modelling and simulation systems to government and commercial customers.

Space operators use the Slingshot Platform to improve spaceflight safety and optimise orbital operations. The software combines data from the Slingshot Global Sensor Network, the Slingshot Seradata satellite and launch database, satellite owner-operators, and other third-party space data providers, to provide an up-to-date representation of space.

Images: Slingshot Aerospace – (top) Melissa Quinn, general manager for Slingshot Aerospace’s international business unit, with UK Space Agency CEO Paul Bate; (bottom) Slingshot Global Sensor Network, Varda Sensor

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