Nexperia DFN0603 mosfetsNexperia has released 20V and 30V mosfets in DFN0603-3 (SOT8013), “the smallest DFN package”, it said.

The company already offers ESD protection devices in the 0.63 x 0.33 x 0.25mm package.

“Next generation wearable and hearable devices are creating several challenges for product designers,” it said. “Firstly, available board space is at a premium as functionality is added, plus heat dissipation becomes a problem as power consumption increases.”

The DFN0603 trench mosfet range includes:

  • PMX100UN 20V n-channel

    210mΩ (4.5Vg) 230mΩ (2.5Vg) 12Vg max
  • PMX100UNE 20V n-channel with 2kV ESD protection

    160mΩ (4.5Vg) 190mΩ (2.5Vg) 8Vg max
  • PMX300UNE 30V n-channel

    250mΩ (4.5Vg) 330mΩ (2.5Vg) 8Vg max
  • PMX400UP 20V p-channel

    500mΩ (4.5Vg) 600mΩ (2.5Vg) 12Vg max

Two more are planned before the end of 2022.

  • PMX700EN 60V n-channel

    800mΩ (4.5Vg) 1,000mΩ (2.5Vg) 20Vg max
  • PMX800ENE 60V n-channel

    1,000mΩ (4.5Vg) 1,200mΩ (2.5Vg) 20Vg max

Picking the headlining PMX100UNE, it can handle 1.4A  and max on-resistance is 160mΩ. Total gate charge is 1.4nC (2.1nC max), and the gate can also handle down to -8V. All of these are at 4.5Vg 25°C.

Applications are foreseen in battery switching, fast line drivers, general fast switching and load driving – for the latter: low-side for the n-channels and high-side for the p-channel.

The DFN0603 trench mosfet product page is here