ST claims to have developed a new class of serial EEPROM – a has Serial Page EEPROM – a 32Mbit, page-erasable memory.

The architecture gives designers the ability to mix firmware management and flexible data storage in the same device.

These devices are suitable for implementing all-in-one non-volatile memory in  system designs for applications such as industrial IoT modules, wearables, healthcare, medical, electronic shelf-edge labelling, smart meters, and 5G optical-fiber modules.

Serial Page EEPROM combines ST’s patented e-STM 40nm non-volatile memory (NVM)cell technology with a new smart page architecture, bringing together the benefits of high memory density for firmware with byte flexibility and high endurance for simplified data logging.

This new simplified memory integration enables improved cost of ownership, offering ease-of-use, simple software development, and high reliability.

Serial Page EEPROM offers a non-volatile memory solution that is less expensive than FRAM while offering lower power consumption.