July 27, 2022

Available in a size range from 1.25- through 36-inch, Flomatic’s NSF/ANSI 61 approved automatic control valves are built in compliance with ANSI/AWWA C530 standard and manufactured to meet the needs of demanding water systems worldwide. Flomatic’s fusion bonded epoxy coated automatic control valves are built in full compliance with the American Iron and Steel (AIS) Act and made in the U.S. (consult with our factory to learn more). Our automatic control valves are specifically designed and fitted with various pilot control systems to control conditions in pressurized pipeline systems. Additional features and benefits include low head loss for higher flow efficiencies, jack screw standard for ease of removal and maintenance, drain plug standard for seasonal applications, pilot tubing isolation valves standard and test cock standard for easy installation. Flomatic’s automatic control valves are backed by a three-year warranty.