Smiths Interconnect DaVinci micro Smiths Interconnect has created an IC test socket for high-speed testing of 350μm minimum pitch devices.

Called DaVinci Micro, the test socket has shielded connections to isolate signal paths, with -35dB crosstalk claimed at 40GHz, as well as -10dB return loss at the same frequency and -1dB insertion loss at 31GHz.

There are to impedance variants: 851-0023043-HG01 for 50Ω and 851-0023043-H00  for 40-45Ω.

SmithsInterconnect DaVinciMicroFloating base or Hi Low configuration to protect spring probes during use, said Smiths

Contact resistance is under 150mΩ (‘consistent stable contact resistance 120 mΩ (Ave)’), accroding to Smiths, and up to 1.25A can be handled.

Intended to handle BGA, LGA, QFN, DFN or QFP packages, contact points are four-point crowns applying 10g of force at the recommended 0.4mm displacement.

Operation is over -55 to +120°C, and contact life has been tesed to 500,000 operations, said Smiths.

​”DaVinci Micro test socket leverages the DaVinci coaxial technology for IC applications to 350µm pitch to provide ideal pin-to-pin isolation, negating the effect of cross talk during test, and substantially improving the accuracy of chip performance testing,” according to the company. “Its design protects the small diameter signal probes and ensures that the product can be deployed and withstand the rigours of a production test environment.”

Use is expected in manual, bench and production testing, with SoCs designed for phones, tablets and car infotainment systems.