S. Himmelstein | July 08, 2022

A new process heating technology that could reduce up to 30% of industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and over 7% of global CO2 emissions annually has been developed by Coolbrook Ltd., a specialist in decarbonization technology based in Finland and the Netherlands.

RotoDynamic Heater (RDH) technology relies on electric power from renewable sources to displace fossil fuel consumption in high-emitting industrial sectors such as petrochemicals and chemicals, iron and steel andThe RDH system. Source: Coolbrook Ltd.The RDH system. Source: Coolbrook Ltd. cement. The RDH system can achieve process temperatures of up to around 1,700º C with high energy efficiency and its compact size enables the equipment to be retrofitted to existing facilities for cost-effective process heat and emissions control.

The RDH technology has been successfully tested in a pilot project in Finland and will be available for commercial use at scale in 2024. Coolbrook has also engineered a RotoDynamic Reactor to electrify the steam cracking process in the petrochemical industry.