Marie Donlon | June 21, 2022

A robot capable of preparing pizzeria-style fare — pizza, salads, burgers, pasta and wings — has been developed by robot manufacturer Nala Robotics.

Pizzaiola is a fully autonomous, 7-axis robotic chef that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to prepare up to 50 pizzas an hour, using 35 different toppings and cheeses, five different types of dough and four different types of sauce. Likewise, the robot is capable of making an assortment of pizza types, ranging from Neapolitan to Chicago-style.

Outfitted with natural language processing features, Pizzaiola can also respond to voice menu orders. Once an order is communicated to the robot chef, Pizzaiola’s robotic arms select and press the dough; add sauce, cheese and toppings; and then cooks, slices and boxes the final product.

The makers of Pizzaiola suggest that the robotic chef could be as productive as two full-time employees amid a global labor shortage, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Currently, Pizzaiola is available for monthly lease via restaurant-as-a-service.

For more information on Pizzaiola, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Nala Robotics.