Marie Donlon | June 20, 2023

A company based in Finland has developed a wafer-thin intelligent heating system that can reportedly warm a house in seconds.

The intelligent warming walls, dubbed Halia radiant warmers, have been developed by the Warming Surfaces Company. According to the company, the digital warming surface technology can offer near real-time heating in specific regions of a home, thereby eliminating the loss of energy that occurs when heating vacant rooms and spaces.

Source: Warming Surfaces CompanySource: Warming Surfaces Company

The company aims to digitalize heating while reducing the number of materials used within most standard heating systems while simultaneously reducing heating energy consumption.

To accomplish this, the company used radiant heating as the foundation for the Halia warming system wherein various interior surface materials feature low voltage, pixelated warming components positioned near surfaces.

The Warming Surfaces Company is reportedly teaming with laminate firms to incorporate Halia warmers into a variety of surfaces without impacting the properties — bending, stretching and breathability for instance — of the original materials.

“The heating elements in Halia digital warming surface technology are below 0.1 millimeters thick, which makes it possible to integrate them inside building materials, such as laminate floors, doors, and walls, and even in furniture and interior textiles,” the company explained.