CUI waterproof ultrasonic-sensorsCUI Devices has introduced ultrasonic transducers with ingress protection ratings of IP67 or IP68, operating up to 400kHz.

There are 18 models, with beam angle spanning 7° to 80° and operational distance ranging from 30mm to 15m.

“With combined transmit and receive functions in a single package, engineers can benefit from a simplified ultrasonic sensor solution for distance measurement, object detection and proximity sensing,” according to the company. “Housed in compact, aluminium cases, they offer through-hole wire leads and [flying] wire leads.”

Picking the CUSA-TR80-065-2000-TH68 (centre in photo), this is an 16mm diameter device intended to operate at 40kHz at ranges between 300mm and 6.5m. Beam angle is 80° (=±40° to -6dB) and drive can be at up to 150Vp-p. It can work over -40 to 80°C and protection is to IP68.

CUSA-TR071-01-400-TH67 (left) is 13mm in diameter and its vital statistics are 300kHz, 50mm to 1m, 7°, 400Vp-p, the same temperature range and IP67 sealing.

CUSA-TR60-06-2000-W68 (right) is a 15.5mm diameter (plus flanges) 48kHz, 300mm to 6m, 60° 150Vp-p device sealed to IP68 and connected with flying leads. Replace ‘W68’ with ‘WC68’ for a two-pin connector on the end of the leads. ,

Find CUI’s ultrasonic transceivers on this web page – although check, as a handful of these are neither IP68 nor IP67 rated