This is the first tape-out of Weebit’s ReRAM technology to a production fab and is a major milestone toward commercialisation.

The technology will be available on SkyWater’s 130nm CMOS process, which is suitable  for applications such as analogue, power management, automotive, IoT and medical.

SkyWater customers can now use demo chip as the final platform for testing and prototyping ahead of volume production.

Weebit’s ReRAM module includes a 256Kb ReRAM array, control logic, decoders, IOs (Input/Output communication elements) and error correcting code (ECC).

It is designed with  patent-pending analogue and digital smart circuitry running smart algorithms, thereby significantly enhancing the memory array’s technical parameters.

It also supports an extended temperature range, 10 years’ data retention at high temperatures, fast access time, extremely low standby power, and is radiation-hardened (rad-hard) by nature.

The demo chip comprises a full sub-system for embedded applications, including the Weebit ReRAM module, a RISC-V MCU, system interfaces, memories and peripherals.