Dayton, Ohio-based Winsupply Inc., a distributor of materials for residential and commercial construction, announced Jan. 13 that President John McKenzie will retire Feb. 28 after 27 years with the company.

“John famously lived our culture, grew our organization, and expanded and improved our bench strength more than anyone before him has ever done,” said Rick Schwartz, Chairman of Winsupply. “He has prepared the current leadership team well for the opportunities ahead.”

McKenzie started working at Winsupply in 1996. During his tenure there, the number of local company entrepreneurs increased from 609 to 652, and three new regional distribution centers were added, the company said. Winsupply ranks No. 9 on MDM’s 2022 Top Industrial Distributors list. Construction materials provider Winsupply has announced its plan to offer drone delivery, according to a company news release.

In September 2022, McKenzie joined the MDM Podcast to discuss the company’s new drone delivery program and Innovation Center, as well as its strategy behind its frequent acquisitions.

“There is no doubt that John is leaving the company in a much better condition than he found it,” Schwartz added. “Today, Winsupply is in a position of strength to continue to grow and prosper. All of us at Winsupply are grateful to John for his lasting contributions and the legacy he leaves.”

The Governance Committee of the Board of Directors of Winsupply will now begin its work to find a successor, the company said.

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